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Hirosaki, Aomori
The most famous cherry blossom park in Japan

Hirosaki city is located in the northest region of Honshu island of Japan.
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Hirosaki city has flourished as a northest castle town about 400 years ago, there are so many tourist attractions like old castle, old temples and shrines, Japanese gardens, five-story pagoda etc, in the city. There are much valuable nature around Hirosaki city like Shirakami-Sanchi registered as the natural World Heritage site, Juniko Lakes(Aoike), Mt. Iwaki known as secred mountain, Mt.Hakkoda known as major backcountry ski area, Oirase Gorge, Lake Towada etc.

Especially, it’s must-see that Neputa Festival that takes place on first week of August and Cherry Blossom Festival in castle park from late of April to beginning of May.

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2018 Cherry Blossom forecast is issued

Two weather forecast companies issues Cherry Blossom Blooming forecast across Japan. Weathernews expects Cherry trees in Hirosaki castle Park will bloom on 20th April at present. https://weathernews.jp/s/topics/201801/170085/ (Japanese site only) Tenki.jp expects cherry trees in Aomori city is located next to Hirosaki will bloom on 20th April at present. We guess cherry trees in Hirosaki castle park …

Hirosaki castle  park

Event Information of Hirosaki & Neighboring cities in Winter

Snow Lantern Festival Snow Lantern Festival will be held at HIrosaki Castle Park on 9-12 Feb. 2018. The pictures below were taken on Feb. 2017. Official Website (The site isn’t updated yet) http://www.hirosaki-kanko.or.jp/en/edit.html?id=edit02 Snow Art in Inakadate You also can see Snow Art in Inakadate, next to Hirosaki around the same time of snow lantern …


2017 Information of Autumn foliage in Hakkoda, Oirase area

Jogakura Bridge It’s peak of Autumn foliage around Jogakura bridge now.   Sukayu Onsen, Jigoku-numa pond Colored leaves are beginning to fall in this area.   Tsuta-numa pond It will be best time to see the pond of Autumn foliage a week away.   Oirase Keiryu(Gorge) It will be best time to see the pond …


2017 Information of Autumn foliage in Hakkoda mountain range

I went to Hakkoda mountain for checking the progress of Autumn foliage. The progress of Autumn foliage  is a few days earlier than last year at the present.   Sukayu Onsen /Jigoku-numa pond Leaves around here is beginning to change its color. It will be best time to see Autumn foliage this weekend to next …


Autumn foliage in Aomori of this year just started.

  I went to Mt.Iwaki (Alt. 1,625m) and it’s best time to see Autumn foliage. For about a month, you can always see Autumn foliage somewhere in Aomori, such as Hakkoda mountain range, Mt.Iwaki, Oirase Keiryu, Lake Towada, Juniko Lakes, Shirakami-Sanchi, Hirosaki castle park.

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