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Hirosaki, Aomori

The most famous cherry blossom park in Japan.

Hirosaki city is located in northest region of Honshu island of Japan. This region is called “MICHINOKU” from long time ago, MICHINOKU means end of the road in japanese.
For that reason, there are much valuable nature around Hirosaki city like Shirakami-Sanchi registered as the natural World Heritage site, Juniko Lakes(Aoike), Mt. Iwaki known as secred mountain, Mt.Hakkoda known as major backcountry ski area, Oirase Gorge, Lake Towada etc.
There are also so many Onsen(Hot spring) in Hirosaki and the surrounding area.
You can sightseeing, hike, run by bicycle, go skiing, ride a boat, camp, take onsen in this area all seasons.

Hirosaki city has flourished as a northest castle town about 400 years ago, there are so many tourist attractions like old castle tower, old temples and shrines, Japanese gardens, five-story pagoda etc, in this city.

Especially, it’s must-see that Neputa Festival that takes place on first week of August and Cherry Blossom Festival in castle park from late of April to beginning of May.

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Flowering of the cherry blossoms in Hirosaki castle park was officially announced by Hirosaki city

http://blog.livedoor.jp/hirosakipark/archives/52189631.html   The pictures as below was taken in the morning of April 19.

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The cherry trees will bloom at the end of April. It would be best time to see the cherry blossoms in the first week of May.   If you would like to see the cherry blossoms, please feel free to inquiry us.

Blooming situation of Cherry trees in Hirosaki castle park

Today, I visited near the Otemon gate on the south area which will bloom at the earliest  in Hirosaki castle park. As you can see in the photo, the cherry blossoms are still hard, but today’s temperature rose to nearly 20 degrees. The weather company expects that the day when temperature is high continues for …

Cherry blossom forecast of Hirosaki castle park has officially announced

Hirosaki city issued its cherry blossom forecast. According to the information, Cherry trees in Hirosaki castle park will bloom on 22 April. Expected peak bloom date will be 27 April. http://blog.livedoor.jp/hirosakipark/archives/52187884.html 4月23日 mean April 23 in English. 開花日 mean first bloom in English. 満開日 mean peak bloom in English. 平成29年 mean 2017 平成28年 mean 2016  

Cherry blossom forecast of Hirosaki castle park has announced

A weather information company issued its cherry blossom forecast. According to the forecast, Cherry trees in Hirosaki castle park will bloom on 22 April. A full bloom day of the cherry trees will be 27 April. There’s possibility of changing cherry blossom forecast by a change of temperature in spring.

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