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Akita Dog Museum

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Akita Dog Museum (Akita inu kaikan in Japanese) is located in center of Odate city, Akita pref. and it’s about 1 hour drive from Hirosaki city.

Odate city has been hometown of Akita dog that used to be hunting dog for a long time.

Akita Dog  was originally called Odate Dog about a hundred years ago.

The building is the headquarter of conservation association of Akita dogs that has many branches  all over the world.

There is tiny museum that display History of the dogs on the 3rd floor and you can also get a variety of Akita dog related goods here.

Best thing to do here is meet Akita dogs. There are 2-5 dogs everyday in the building, but it’s most likely to see more dogs on weekdays than weekends.

Please note that there’s no English speaking staff  here and no English descriptions or  brochures in museum.

If you come to the city by train, it’ll be a little hard to get there by walking from Odate station. The best way to get there is taxi.


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