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Chusonji Temple

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Chusonji Temple is the most historical place in Tohoku region(northern part of Japan).

The temple was originally found in 850 and developed by Oshu Fujiwara clan in the beginning of 12th century.

Konjikido(Golden Hall), the most famous building in the site was built in 1124 and the mummies of Fujiwara clan are placed in Konjikido.

But visitors can’t see only the mummies but also taking picture is not allowed in the hall.


If you have the time, you’d better to walk from Tsukimizaka slope. You can feel spiritual atmosphere, because the aged ciders are lined up roadside.

There’s also a parking lot called Saka-no-ue parking near Golden Hall. It’s several minutes walk to the hall from the parking.

The season of Autumn foliage is late October. Many male trees are planted in the site.


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