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Juniko Lakes

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Juniko Lakes are located in Fukaura town along the Japan Sea, it takes about two and a half hours by car from Hirosaki to here.
Area of Juniko lakes are also designated as Tsugaru Quasi-national park next to zone of Shirakami-Sanchi, world heritage site.
Juniko means “twelve lakes” in Japanese, but actually there are 33 lakes in this area.
Aoike is especially famous for its deep blue of the water in Juniko lakes, most of visitors come to see this pond.
There are trails that go around the lakes and Japanese beech forest.
Best time to see autumn foliage of this area is late October, but it is not the best season to see the Aoike.
Because light of the sun does not fall on the surface of the pond, it’s hard to see deep blue of the water.
Best time to see Aoike is around noon from May to September.
If you want to hike in this area, we recommend that you hire a guide since the trail road is like a labyrinth.

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