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Osorezan (Mt. Osore)

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Osorezan is the name of a Buddhist temple and folk religion pilgrimage destination in the center of remote Shimokita Peninsula. The temple is located in the caldera of an active volcano and is believed in Japanese mythology to be one of the gates to the underworld.

Osorezan is counted as the Japan’s three biggest sacred mountain. Other are Hiei-zan in Shiga and Koyasan in Wakayama.

It is said that the temple was built in 862. But the buildings are not so old.
There’s a beautiful caldera lake named Lake Usorisanko and volcanic gas is blowing between the temple and the lake.
It has been believed  that there’s a gate to the underworld here, since there’s a unique atmosphere.

Osorezan is closed from Dec. to Apr.  Festival is held in July and October.

It’s takes 30-40min. by car from Mutsu city to the site. Bus also run from the city.

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