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Rice Field Art of Inakadate

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The first observatory of Rice Field Art

Rice Field Arts are held in two places from late June to mid October every year.

The first observatory is located in Village office of Inakadate, next to Hirosaki.
Rice Field Art is drawn by using several types of rice plants.
The first place in Japan that rice field art is drawn in paddy plants is here.
Please note that the waiting line for entering the observatory will be formed in summer season(late July – mid August).

The second observatory of Rice Field Art (Yayoi-no-sato Observatory)

It takes about ten minutes by car to the second observatory from the first one.
There are restaurant, souvenir shop tiny amusement park and ruins of paddy field next to the observatory.
Some pebble arts of Japanese or world’s famous person are also exhibited and you can see the arts from the observatory.

In mid Feb., you can also see the snow art that is created by footprints of snowshoe at the observatory.


If it’s fine day, you can see Mt. Iwaki and Hakkoda mountain range from both observatories.


Rice Field Art official website(Japanese site only)



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